Target Shooting as a hobby

Part of the aging process includes shifting some of your hobbies away from a high level of physicality to hobbies that are compatible with your physical stamina, dexterity, shifting interests, and strength.  When I was younger I preferred running, racket ball, sailing, vigorous hiking, dancing, bridge, needlepoint, and golf.  Through the years I had several significant foot surgeries, shoulder surgery, unrepairable bicep tendon tear, cervical neck fusions, and increasing osteoporosis.

Out of necessity, retirement requires some rethinking.  Now that the time is finally available to pursue hobbies, the range of options sometimes must shift.  It has taken me a while to identify other interests but I am now enjoying different leisure activities.  These include blogging, reading, writing, travel, pistol target shooting, kayaking, walking, ping-pong, birding, deck container gardening, and some photography of interest probably only to me.

I bought a small Ruger SR22 and took it target shooting this week for the first time.  Where I live there are only outdoor ranges so waiting for the weather to be comfortable is part of the process.  When you get to the range, you have to buy your targets and pay a fee.  Usually you are directed to the area for the specific type of shooting you will be doing. The rules are reviewed and the targets hung.  While I have to use two hands, I found it fun to learn to deal with the mechanics of the pistol, the safety, the loading of the magazine, and learning to fire.  Target shooting is mostly a competition with your own self over time.  How can I improve my accuracy and remember how to manage the mechanics with less and less instruction.  Here is my first ever target!  20140520_113451

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