Saturday night….and it’s all right

Retirement is likely to sound to the unretired like every night assumes a sameness. Since no one day is generally different routinely related to work or weekends,, there is an assumption that every day has a certain sameness. It doesn’t.

There are certain life’s rituals that attach to days of the week. Also, there is a specific nature to each day of the week designated by the general society, unlike the rest of the week.

Weekly news is only on at specific times during the week. Sports are uniquely shown on certain days and times. Cable shows home buying shows on the weekend.

Most importantly, life’s rituals are linked to certain days. For me, pizza is on Fridays, Saturdays are for gourmet meals (prepared or eating out), Sundays are more ordinary and homey….tomorrow will be pot pies.

Saturday nights are for movies. At the moment I am enjoying REDS, my favorite old guy adventure movie.

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