At the Beach in Malibu with Young Ones

Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day!

Awoke this morning to a day so blue my two year old grandson pointed up to the sky exclaiming “blue” in his most certain voice. The answer to “what do you want to do today?” was as clear as the sky — let’s go to the beach. We quickly enjoyed coffee and fresh warm donuts, packed an overflowing beach bag, and powered off to the beach by 10:00.

The umbrella was already waiting for us as were the high and low chairs around a table meant to house the bags, water cups, towels, and sundries. Before I could settle my toes in the sand, he insisted we had to go to the ocean. He deftly grabbed the hands of his mom and dad and began the long slow march to the water. As I lagged behind savoring the comradery he called “Grammy come on” in his sweetest voice. In catching up to them I was able to rapidly accumulate quite a few of my active minutes for the day growing a bit breathless having the time of my life.

The ocean in Malibu is amazing for kids, especially at low tide. Little tide pools form encouraging the wee ones to venture into the water. Boogie boarding with parents, everyone in wetsuits to survive the chilly water, is typical in the rolling surf. Sea kelp washes ashore providing opportunities for botany lessons for the young.

Come to Malibu and explore and enjoy!

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