PT (or physical activity to cure your ills)

Excitement in anticipation of a much heralded physical intervention to ameliorate the ravages of neck, foot, and shoulder surgery almost tingled when I rung up the Center. This was going to be easy, being altogether quite fit but needing a tune up.  Miss Peppy answered and reviewed the need for a personal visit for an evaluation before scheduling sessions.  What? Why wasn’t a script enough; certainly my physician knows what’s best for me!  Nope, it starts with an evaluation visit.

Off I scurry to the evaluation visit only to find three other cheery folks there, each with a unique title with a flattened sense of hierarchy.  The clinic lead was leaving for vacation so a substitute PT conducted my on-site evaluation.  Range of motion, strength, and flexibility baselines were part of the process.  I had hardly recovered from the stress of this process and in my vulnerable state agreed to schedule therapy twi a week for what seemed like forever.

Session one was fabulous and included a relaxing neck massage to smooth out the lime size lumps in my “traps.”  The actual exercises seemed mild enough and going home I was thrilled.  Now we are in week umpteenth.  The weakness is me!  I am not energetic to engage in twice a week regimented exercise.   My body is tired even though I am fitter each week.

The physical conundrum…. Better with exercise and PT.  Problem with the spirit is willing but…

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