It is What it is

Sorry, this is a rant…a long and annoying story of repairing the aging body to function at a reasonable level…

In November 2018 I was completing physical therapy to improve neck range of motion, knee strength, and balance. During the last session the therapist decided to have me do a sled type pull which at the time seemed fine.

The next day I could hardly walk on my left foot due to shooting pains coming from the metatarsals on the top left foot. I went to my GP who suggested I go to a foot doctor. Living in a resort, the pickings are slim. I found a nurse practitioner at my prior foot surgeon who X-rayed the foot and said, the ” I think it is a sprain” refrain. I had previously broken my metatarsals on my right foot and was fairly certain of my own diagnosis.

Finally in May I found a podiatrist. Who did additional x-rays and said the metatarsals were broken and I needed surgery. He performed a tightrope procedure with wire and screws. Within two weeks it appears the wire stretched and the procedure was a failure. The recovery for the surgery was 8 weeks until I was able to walk, with the same level of pain I have had for a year.

Now, I am just mentally and physically restoring my cheery outlook on life, and waiting for my mind to make a decision about my body.

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