The Intrusion of COVID Vocabulary: What are these words and phrases?

At the beginning…who knew? Over these months, I have been recording, sequentially, new phrases and words that, while “real words,” the concepts were either utilized in a different context or had not been previously in common usage.

COVID 19: The name of this disease is coronavirus disease 2019, now abbreviated as COVID-19. In COVID -19, ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease. About COVID-19 CDC

I am beginning with this simplistic explanation as a direct message to all non-believers that this is NOT coding for a Chinese intrusion into all humanity’s safety. It is particularly despicable that the disease as been politicized, creating an attack on Asian Americans, which is repugnant!

Sheltering-in-Place (SIP): Simply stated, this refers to the act of seeking safety in the building or place the individual already occupies. Initially, in the 50s, this referred to radiological or chemical incidents. In more recent years, this phrase was tragically associated with shooting incidents in schools or other public locations. This was related to active shooters, used frequently since 2015, and meant to find a safe place until the situation was resolved.

During COVID-19, in March of 2020, the government issued restrictions meant to reduce the disease’s spread. While many state and local governments implemented orders varying in their scope and limitations, these were generally understood to require individuals to remain home and to limit businesses to close their offices except for “essential workers.” Workers were expected to work from home, “remotely.” Americans were told to leave their home only when necessary, grocery shopping, and critical health care. Outdoor activities with “social distancing” were allowed. People were encouraged to have a family bubble consisting of individuals with whom we only had close contact.

Initially, these orders were limited to a month. As the pandemic’s persistent and catastrophic nature became evident, these orders extended through the spring, summer, and now the fall.

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