Interpretations of Life

It is one of the inevitable processes of living, and it is one we prefer to ignore…we all will die. As blunt as that sounds, it is the preparation for this stage we are obsessed with as it approaches our rear-view mirror.

Many find solace in the religious interpretation of what occurs when the body dies. Others have been given the life tenet that it is really all about living life with meaning.

I am a part of the generation “What’s it all about?” “Is this all there is?”

Living the good life is a realization that dawned on me in the “life crisis” middle years, with heavy job responsibilities, marital infidelities, young teen children, single parenting, and bone injuries due to age.

Embrace the moment is a process, not a one step cure.

What brought this reflection this morning? The death of our last family aunt. Across the many younger branches of the family, Aunt Dorothy called, Facebook posted, shared the family news, and stood as the glue that kept us together, however tenous the thread.

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