Since retirement in 2011, I have substituted in a small way travelling for work. I used to work without vacations about 12+ hours a day. Since I worked in the area of special education and early intervention, I told myself it was a calling. Really, not so much. I loved the challenges of developing the programs. Yes, I felt compassion for the children and their families. I also loved the complexity of the regulatory and other administrative processes involved in the implementation of the complex federal laws. But, I also thrived on the pressure initially, and then on the sheer challenge of completing the work consistent with the scheduling requirements. I have the insight now that I am more an Obsessive Compulsive and my job suited my personally just fine.

My retirement plan was to travel. I have been on 18 substantial trips since 2011. I have packed, traveled, and enjoyed them all. We plan several a year and the planning is almost as much fun as the going.

We are here in the Bahamas for two weeks with my “outlaws”….prior in-laws due to divorce. Here in the Bahamas, due to some physical limitations, I am sitting by the pool or on the beach. I have trouble with just the sitting but I do love the visual aspect of looking up and seeing the Atlantic Ocean, the beauty of the skyline, and the colors and shapes of the clouds.

It takes at least two to three days to get into the mind set of just resting. No cooking. No cleaning. No appointments. No phone calls. No social obligations. Just chilling….

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