Who Am I and Why Am I Blogging?

Literally, I am a goal setter, life-liver, and a person with a simple philosophy — “bloom where you are planted!”

At this point in my life, I find myself retired, living in an ocean resort, becoming a grandparent for the second time, and feeling transitional.  I was a professional, academic book writer, adjunct professor, mother of three, and physically active.  Connecting with others in diverse settings has been my life, personally and professionally.  Now, I am a community volunteer, traveler, aging parent, long-time friend to some, grandparent, and retiree.

My life is full and therefore ” busy.”  Some of the busy is remarkably boring.  I have never really been a great community volunteer type as I am too direct, somewhat impatient, and directive.  These traits were wonderful when I was working and dealing with implementing and directing programs.  These characteristics are not always the best in a setting where no one cares what you did, who you were, your educational background, or your opinion on pretty much any topic.  Life at this age is mostly about “small talk.”

Sharing informational blogs and stimulating thinking are the reasons I chose to try blogging.  Eventually I would like to move into short story writing but will stick with an essay format for a while, trying all the while to discipline myself to post, think about topics with some depth, and identify issues others may be thinking about related to health, retirement, travel, aging, and issues of our time.

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