The Farmers’ Market

Suddenly the car swerved to the right, making a sharp turn onto a gravel lot with about a dozen mini-gazebos in a two-sided rectangle.  The sign proclaimed, Farmers’ Market, open 8 to 12 Mondays and Fridays. Since I live in a coastal area with large inland farming and chicken industries, I wasn’t really expecting much.  Usually the outdoor markets here have overgrown zucchini, tired potatoes, and someone’s fruit preserves that are definitely not local.

Like a culinary experience on a trendy food show, the market had a Micro-greens booth, Angus beef available, fresh picked plump blueberries from the Bennett’s orchard, small and delicate zucchini, yellow squash, patty squash, a specialty bakery, and an organic dog food booth with bone shapes  with blueberries, and delicious edible looking dog treats. There was a booth only selling loose teas of all varieties as well as the tea infuser to enjoy a delicious cup.  As I worked my way around, it was tempted to purchase an item from each booth just to be sure the vendors had enough business and would return.

How could I have missed this local gem?  Was I too wrapped up in the going to where I should be or being careful  in an area with lots of car, bike,  and foot traffic?  I almost overlooked an opportunity to eat healthy and shop in a fun local outdoor market and be amazed by a “new” opportunity 🙂

  1 comment for “The Farmers’ Market

  1. sleepygate2013
    July 7, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    I love little gems like this. We have a couple of great farmer’s markets and some other gems that many people don’t know exist. Just discovered today that there is a place in the city to zip line and a different place to learn how to paddle board. I also love your tag line.

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