The Best Job Ever

Driving along Highway 1, it occurred to me that I have the best job ever.

I am not paid in money and don’t have to worry about shifting tax brackets.  I have flexible hours.  Waking up anytime I want is an option. Breakfast at home with a leisurely cup of coffee is great, along with reading my online newspapers and checking in on my friends on Facebook.  Showering and getting ready has many options, usually resulting in a casual approach.

My bosses can be tough with lots of directions and specific cautions.  Thank you is the first words out of their mouths and warm praise and appreciation abounds.  The occasion hug is fun too.

Changing scenery is a perk not many have in their daily work lives.  I have sweeping vistas, vast expanses of ocean, magnificent sunrises and sunsets,  and snow-capped mountains.  The beaches are white and the water bracing.

Driving is a challenge, with motorcycles lane splitting (who knew?) and cars darting across lanes to make right hand turns with enthusiasm and disregard for routine highway rules of the road.  Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic is the norm and rush hour starts about 5:30 am and doesn’t seem to stop until well afire 9:00 pm.

Services are available here for whatever your heart desires.  I can get an in-home blow out for my hair, facials in any beauty shop I walk by just for listening to their sales pitch.  Famous brands and shops beckon from billboards with models in the prime of health and blessed with clear skin, buff bodies, and thick hair.

Restaurants are many, with varied ethnic choices, almost all $$$$ on YELP.  Trip Advisor and Google track me everywhere requesting my feedback on everything from Oyster Bars to grocery stores.  Trip Advisor promises me points for writing reviews of anywhere I go.

Shopping is easy.  There is not a store item I could desire that isn’t available nearby.  But, like everyone else here, I get same day delivery from Amazon instead.

Where am I and what do I do?

I spend my winters in the Malibu/Santa Monica area helping with my grandson.  I am a grandparent :). Who knew all the perks?

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