Sorting Through Life

I have had a storage unit for the many years since I left my long-term home in 1999 for a condo.  I am approaching that time in life when the kids live in different states and asked me to stop sending them their “childhood belongings.”  So, in an effort to finally shed the unnecessary in life and strip unnecessary possessions, I have spent the last week sorting through fifteen boxes of three children’s school and athletic and extracurricular activities.  I saved every piece of paper from preschool through college, including teacher notes, mimeographed class notes and activities, countless awards, and report cards.  While I enjoyed looking at each piece of paper as it was tossed into the trash, it is painful to approach the point in life that no one cares about the past except me.  I demonstrate all the traits of becoming older, remembering the unnecessary, longing for the past, and treasuring the moments.

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