Visiting in Venice Beach

Spending time with the grandson in Venice Beach is such a treat, nothing like running and engaging with a nineteen month old.  He does a lot of the running and we do a lot of watching and responding to “up!”

By far the most intriguing sights of the visit include the human scenery.  Sitting at a light at Lincoln and Rose the other day, an older shaggy bearded gentleman bicycled by with one hand gripping the handle and the other extended with a large green parrot along for the thrill of the ride.  A trio of very tall young ladies power-walked briskly by dragging chains of weights from belts around their waists.  None of them seemed to be breaking a sweat.  Along the road a man cycled in and out of the heavy traffic on Lincoln with a pit-mix leased to his handle bar and a covered drag-along stroller attached to his bike jam-packed with what appeared to be all his worldly belongings.

I tell my east-coast friends you have to be a millionaire to live in Venice Beach or homeless and enjoy a unique and carefree lifestyle!

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