Off They Go


Today is the beginning of a special adventure for many kindergarteners.  And, for over 62 years, it has not changed.  This is the booklet my parents saved from my first year in public school.  Entitled “A Handbook for Parents of Beginning Pupils” and includes advice for families to assist in adjusting to “the first lap of a long journey through the world of school and learning.”

Included are many helpful sections for parents, in one booklet obviously to be retained through the year, if not the 62 years my parents retained the information.  Beyond the usual bus routes and school calendar is a helpful section on the Cafeteria.  Lunch was $.30.  Children who brought lunch could purchase white milk for $.05.  The “A” lunch included one-half pint whole milk, two ounces of lean meat, beans, eggs, or peanut butter, three-fourths cup of vegetables or fruit or both, one or more portions bread, and two teaspoons of butter or fortified margarine.

The rest of the booklet includes the same sensible information consistent with current early development recommendations.  Amazingly, even the simplest recommendations of reading to your child, refraining from criticism, support for lifetime work habits.

It is reassuring to know—kids are the same and the importance of supporting parents in learning remains.

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