My Trip to Austin

Last summer my son and his wife suggested we might want to accompany his family to Austin.  I have never been there so my husband and I excitedly said yes and we would be HAPPY to help with their two-year old.


We just got back yesterday and this is the only view we got of Austin after being there four days.  I slept ten hours last night….

I want to express my sheer delight with spending the days with my son and his wife, his in-laws, and my most darling grandson.  We were at the Archer Hotel in the Domain 2 area on the outskirts of town.  Shopping and eating were fun.  The hotel was luxurious.  We went to Barton Springs to see the underground spring pool and ride the choo-choo train.  That was a real highlight of the trip as it toured us through Zilker Park.

We sunk into bed each night, exhausted, yet willing to spend another day chasing a two-year old, helping him to walk their chihuahua , and ordering carry out.

Would I do it again?  Of course!

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