The South in the Days After the BIG Snow

Okay I will admit that the only reason I can comment on the snow in the South is that I am an escapee from the cold and miserable weather in the Mid-Atlantic, particularly Ocean City with its biting damp winds and freezing bay and ocean waters. As we made the slow descent down the coast to North Carolina feeling smug and snug in our RV contraption the weather was sunny, albeit colder than the proverbial witches &$#%, starting out on January 2 with the temp at a miserable 12 degrees. We were headed south, drifting inevitably to warmth and palm trees.

The first night in North Carolina showed us that even water inside the camper freezes at these temperatures and the water lines can clog with ice. Never mind though, we persevered and finally got the heat on, the refrigerator working, but no hot water. The weather forecast for the south on the evening news sounded ominous but REALLY, we were in the South, how bad could it get!!

We awoke to sunny skies and were almost cheery until we called the Mt. Pleasant KOA near Charleston to confirm our reservation and the Manager quietly mentioned the freezing rain and sleet and some snow expected. HMMMM. He suggested we wait a day. Within an hour the restaurant in Charleston called to cancel our dinner reservations… Oh dear, we decided to stay an extra night in North Carolina to wait out the expected storm. By 9 pm the snow had started to fall ever so quietly, accumulating quickly on the unused barbecue, the deluxe patio and unnecessary gazebo. By dawn 4 inches of the moon dust had settled on a sleeping collection of RVs seeking refuge from Mother Nature’s wrath.

With no rescue in sight and a sense of being stuck in nowheresville, we hooked up and slowly crawled out into the “bomb-blast” all over the South and supposedly growing worse as it was heading for the Mid-Atlantic area.

Carefully the rig pushed a path through unplowed snow until surer footing on Rt 95 became a reality. One clear lane with only intermittent snow coverage helped us intrepid travelers make our way towards Charleston, the South!

As we made our way into Mt. Pleasant in the 20 degree temps and deep ruts in the snow on the roads, nagging doubt prevailed about our ease of travel. Were we going to be able to go to dinner in Charleston at our specialty restaurant? No, the bridge into Charleston was closing and the restaurant said no food had been delivered anyway so they were not serving a full menu. So, we started calling restaurants in Mt. Pleasant until we found one open. As we made our way on icy roads we went into a full slide to the side but recovered control before we smashed anyone or the side of the truck. The restaurant parking lot was untouched by machines and riddled with frozen and cavernous ruts.

Starting out at 10 am the next morning seemed reasonable; after all it should be above freezing by then…nope, it was 20. The roads were still unplowed or salted. Route 17 is a main route out of Charleston to the South. We drove about 60 miles through rutted roads, dodging sliding cars and swallowing our pride in efficient travel by slowing down, way down.

So much for the warmth and beauty of The South and the hospitality. We saw the last of the snow on the side of the road well into Georgia and waved it off as a once in a lifetime experience!

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