Organic —The way to go!

Visiting my son and his family in California I was aghast at the cost of shopping only at Whole Foods and the speciality fish store in Santa Monica. It is not that I am a complete bumpkin about food and purchasing healthier options. I was not convinced that EVERYTHING needed to be organic, fresh, or wild. Simply as a cost measure when shopping to feed four adults and a toddler it seemed, well, extravagant!

Being a natural and now political skeptic of government, this report rattled my sense of faith in shopping. The information in the reports appears to be a powerful review of what are multiple studies of the presence of pesticides, mold, and other potentially harmful products on our everyday fruits and vegetables. The most startling finding was that routine consumer washing of the products prior to eating DID NOT remove the pesticides.

I would say, “Who knew?” But, we have heard this for years! Oh non-believers at last we have been refuted, demolished, and will now be driven to the nearest Whole Foods which is 2 hours and 15 minutes from my permanent residents.

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