Enjoying Oregon in Spring

Traveling to Butte Falls, Oregon, is a visual delight traveling  along surprisingly pleasant byways. Towering Mount Shasta changes with the seasons but in the spring a magnificent looming volcanic landmark appears in the distance, snow-capped and often shrouded in clouds.

Oregon near the Rogue River and along the Butte Creek is moist and cool in these spring months.  A trip to this area in the summer provides quiet nights with croaking frogs, fly fishing and boating.  Traveling here in the late fall can be cool but the colors are still lovely and walking into the beckoning woods is a balm for the soul.  Spring has a left foot in winter and an eye seeking the early signs of trees budding and animals looking for nesting sites, especially the Canada geese seeking just the right locale.  The trees are covered in lichens and Spanish moss, with only the buds showing some promise of leaves.  The grass is spring green from the rains.  The temperatures are chilly enough that a fire completes  a lazy day.

The rumbling, babbling river is what captures the inner soul, rapidly moving from the snow smelt and rain.  A constant sound machine of nature.  Sleep comes easily and deeply.

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