Infect our Climate

via Daily Prompt: Infect

Climate develops over long periods of time and is impacted by patterns of variation in both measurable elements and theoretical concepts.  The application of the term climate to the emotional aspects of a country is less documented historically but has emerged as a factor in personal well-being and national identity.

The more abstract concepts of cultural climate include a sense of being and acting within philosophical motivations.  These contribute to a global sense that describes a larger consciousness of self and country.

America has vacillated from nativist movements to broader globalization of politics and economy.  What can infect moral structures and a sense of positive national identity in this country?  How has the sense of the “leader America” and “helper America” devolved into a “me first” mentality, limiting our moral horizons? The nation as a whole is suffering from a malaise, not a Jimmy Carter type, but more a slump of moral character.  The media and the national leadership have led a movement to infect the nation with worry, paranoia, stinginess, moral depravity, and lack of caring.

An animus for change must emerge from a national conscience, not an apple or a banana.

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