Thin and Slim

via Daily Prompt: Thin

Life is full of choices but disguised  as societal impressions or norms open to discussion.  Should women be “thin” or “slim?”  Do I read a slim volume of poetry or a novel of great import?  My options are slim or none.  His lies were thinly disguised.  Those pants would be better worn by someone who is thin.  The news was thin on substance and heavy on trivia.  Thin bread is now preferred, 60 calories or less.  We are on thin ice, either as children, society, or environmentally.  The crowd was thin but the camera angle was deceptive.  Should marriage be through thick and thin?  Agencies refer to their models as slender not thin.  Internationally we recognize tend, dun, turn, tuner, dunn, punnur, dean, tinny, turn, dynn, tin.

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