King Lear’s Message: Aging and Children

Raising children, taking care of aging parents, continuing professional education, working in high-level administration of an agency…all have given way to retirement and relocation.  Living at the beach has provided beautiful sunrises and sunsets best enjoyed with strong drink.
My three children are successful professionals and I have two wonderful grandchildren, one on each coast.  Traveling is an important distraction and a necessity to maintain contact with children and grandchildren.
But, I feel lonely and bored occasionally, without the driving purpose of my 40s and 50s.  I have family and friends and many interests.  But, I am not necessary to my grown children’s lives.  There are no executive decisions impacting many lives.  Calls are more about birthdays to friends.
I am not unhappy, but I am not necessary either.  I am an aging baby boomer, looking at adjustments, not challenges.  It is okay but what choice is there?

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