The Doctor’s Office

Sitting here humbled by the process of seeing a doctor, especially a gym, , and always nervous about the physical contact, I hazard a glance around the room. The elderly lady in the wheelchair with wispy hair, zebra roots, and a sunken face, appears relaxed. The young women with long stylish curly natural and fabulous young girl body comes in with her mom. Her mother hunches over in the chair lapsing into a full snooze snore within minutes. I watch the daughter as she stares into her phone and wait. How long? She leans over and knocks her mother’s arm startling her awake. Soon mama slips back into slumber. I am jealous as sleep, even medicated, escapes me nightly. Conversations overheard, brief snatches, family discourse, personal comments. A father reading a long text from his daughter out loud praising him for his many wonderful attributes. Life is good.

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