Grandparents on Call

Recently we received a call to ask, very gently, if we would be able to come to the west coast for a month or so to assist with our three-year-old grandson. The explanation was very simple and straightforward. Our son would be away for a work assignment for an extended period of time, perhaps a month or more, and he was unable to come home at all. In a split second, we changed our plans and booked arrangements. Suddenly I felt personally uplifted, valued, and excited about the trip.

About a week before we were to leave, another call came indicating his work trip was canceled. Wow! But we were graciously re-invited for a “grandson” visit. What a fantastic dilemma, spending money unexpectedly but having quality time with our grandson. Who could resist? An unplanned time having fun, laughing, watching him, sharing family meals again, experiencing non-stop sunshine!

Off we went to Southern California but for only ten days. Precious and wonderfully unexpected.

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