The Traditional Summer Visit

Precious grandchild…a gift to enjoy as we age.

Grandchildren are fun, no matter what the stage.

Engaging through words and games, and hugs and kisses.

The time we spend is never a strain.

I wish for their lives, they stay forever young,

Engaging, spontaneous, and seeking life.

If only I could live to see their lives fulfilled,

As the days pass so quickly and they thrive, I know the story.

Each year we look forward to our grandson coming to the beach to spend at least a week, sometimes two. He lives about 3 hours away, so this is the most time we spend together. Usually, we keep him engaged in a summer camp at least part of the day and we occupy the rest with a variety of activities. 

This year he could only stay a week hence we jammed as many activities as possible and adventures into our special days. In the mornings each day, we went to the pool, and he played catch, jumped, swam, and tried to drown his grandfather. 

In the afternoons, we went boating, engaging in crabbing, and fishing along the way. He went go-carting with his Grampy and managed to beat him around the track. A friendly game of ping-pong on the dining room table on the hottest day was a danger to the surrounding furniture but fun none-the-less. Forty-eight holes of miniature golf kept him busy two afternoons, as well as many visits to Sunsations for trinkets and Walmart for Star Wars Legos. Of course, a trip to the Boardwalk was necessary for the rides at Trimpers and lemonade. We ended the week with homemade ice cream.

The time together ended too soon, with lasting memories and next summer to look forward to!

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