Eating or Exercising

With each day that elapses, growing bored with the homebound menu is a significant risk.  My husband and I are both outstanding cooks, using a theme approach for each night of the week but varying the menu within, including Marinara Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wegetable Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Pizza Friday, Seafood Saturday, and Special Sunday. Differentiating Saturdays and Sundays from Monday through Friday was increasingly a challenge since retirement but we began the weekday brunch out and weeknight meeting of friends in restaurants to keep our lives interesting.

Now, having been on home lock-down during the current crazy episode in this country, we have missed wine-pairing dinners with friends, quiet gatherings with our best friends, and not one brunch in a restaurant.  Everything here has been closed, including the beaches, for two weeks.  Fourteen days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home and home-cooked has begun to be a bore.  Forty-two meals of our own creation.  Now we are trying to create foods to crave.  The problem is we are eating more and the meals include more homemade biscuits and bread.  I have signed up for foody newsletters and downloaded dozens of new recipes.  Given that at a minimum this containment approach may go on for another month, 90 more healthy homecooked meals are out of the question!

Comfort food is what is needed!

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