“Black” and other related races

What goes around, comes around.  I have finally lived long enough for the term “Black” to become acceptable again.  When I grew up in the late 50s, the term “colored” was used and, at the time not considered offensive.  Then, based on the very important civil rights’ changes which took place in the 60s, the appropriate term in the media became “African-American.”  Now, the term “Black” is considered appropriate to signify a race and culture.  This is an important change, considered to be respectful.

Whites have been mostly referred to as “Whites.”  I am sometimes uncomfortable with that term since for many it denotes a class of priviledge, and because I have an interracial family.

I am still concerned about other racial groups in America, including Hispanics and Asian Americans, as examples.  There are only derogatory terms describing these groups related to their color.  I guess I am still wanting us all to be “Americans” and be respectful within that designation of the many, many variations of background and race, especially as many Americans are multi-racial.



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