Slow Motion Time Management

During the lockdown, time has intermittently sped by without regard to my activity level or crept by, lost in aimless screen-time and resting on the deck.  My view is exceptional so that is not necessarily a waste of time but more of a spiritual experience.


Admittedly, I had a To-Do list when the lockdown began.  I somehow forced myself to complete the physical tasks, painting the hallway, painting the bathroom, sorting for Goodwill, redoing the pantry, etc., however, I had other more deliberate tasks, including working out, blogging, my trip-log, etc., that required focus to accomplish.

In reading this article this morning, I had an ah-ha type experience.  I am retired and the lack of a daily schedule has become more apparent as these months have dragged on, producing feelings of never having had a meaningful contribution to life and that life has become inherently meaningless.

The Pomodoro technique described in the article suits me, emphasizing short bursts of high concentration for 25 minutes, with a 5-minute break. I find it reduces my “task dread” while encouraging me to begin anew on things that really matter to me.

This Time-Management Trick Changed My Whole Relationship With Time

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