More COVID “new” Vocabulary

“The New Normal”
“Semi-normal Times”
“During These Difficult Times”
“Getting Through These Tough Times”
“We’ll Get Through These Tough Times Together”

It would seem that in the 21st Century, it would be nearly impossible to create a new turn of phrase. Undeniably this time of our lives is not intended to become “the new normal” nor is it a period that “we’ll get through together.” In fact, most of us are not together with many other family or friends. The country could not be more divided.

Acting like any of this horrifying experience will ever be normal is denying the hardship, trauma, economic loss, and impact of the death toll on families. My grandchildren are not in school, and “virtual learning” is a poor substitute for face to face instruction and social learning in school settings.

When I mention my anxieties about becoming one of the projected 450,000 dead by the spring and my fears related to the upcoming holidays, one of my children said to simply turn off the television. Maybe that is the solution.

Who knows?

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