Christmas with Grandson

A memorable moment…first Christmas with four year old grandson. The plans were all set and we were happy to join. The bi-coastal sets of kids were able to agree to the 2020 plan, the first Christmas on the west coast with the whole family together. East would go west so the cousins could gather and we all would link arms, with grandkids, and grandparents. The plane tickets were planned and work leaves were being saved.

When, what to our blinded eyes should appear but COVID, and wow, would that be more than we feared. We chatted and considered and decided to sit tight, sure that we would be able to make the trip without fright. But, no…it soon became clear that no one was flying until well into next year. So, Grammie and Grampy a camper we bought and took off a-driving from the east to the west. We arrived with a few days to spare and spent a fun time with a few less folks there.

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