I Got Vaccinated, WAHOO!

I did it! I was not sure that my resolve would translate into access to an appointment for the COVID vaccine. We showed up for the appointment at the FORUM in Ingleside, CA. Obviously, this is a mass vaccination site. It was amazingly well managed. It was easy to find the entrance and there were plenty of yellow-clad folks directing us to lanes with many stops for questions. The first was basic, “Do you have an appointment?” Next, was a name request and the verification on a database. The following stop was for a temperature check. Next were many health related questions. The next stop was an ID check. Then, on to another series of questions related to prior vaccine reactions. Finally, an arm wipe and the injection. Next was a direction into a lane of either 15 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on health history. Then, on the road again. The entire process lasted 45 minutes.

I researched the issues related to side effects and effectiveness. I feel satisfied that while age impacts the immune system, the co-morbid health issues seem to be more relevant to the comprehensive picture of COVID, both vulnerability and vaccine impact. I have a bit of soreness at the injection site. I awoke with a headache during the night. Tylenol fixed that. Otherwise, all is good 🙂 The vaccine was the Pfizer brand, and I think getting the second shot may be more of an issue since everyone is now going online since the availability was made known. Today, the CDC announced that the second shot could be within 5 to 6 weeks due to some shortages. Oh my…the information changes every day.

I have chosen to be quarantined since March 12, 2020. It has been challenging and expensive—initially, all of the costs associated with canceling previously scheduled trips. The trip sponsors reluctantly refunded deposits. Airlines only provided mileage credits, which seemed attractive at the time since everyone was convinced this would all be short-lived. Now, of course, travel may still be an issue until the fall of 2021.

We have usually spent our winters with our son and his family in Southern California. We sold our camper almost two years ago and decided we would fly since the cross country trip driving is a bit much. Since COVID, we purchased another camper this fall and took off for California, driving and camping again. We arrived in time to get tested and then go to my son’s house.

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