Growing Older, Gracefully and with Joy!

I have become elderly this year.

No I am not older than my actual calendar years,

yet society thinks I am now dispensable.

The pandemic moved Boomers from the “in” group to oldsters, 

Actually, to a group to be discarded in nursing homes.

With a moral shadow blighting the national conscience.

As the virus decimated the fragile elderly,

Many turned a blind eye to the aging. 

Is it really possible to have a healthy and cheerful perspective on “old age?” Social media vibrates with concerns about the elderly consuming too many fragile resources, costing too much for health care, and draining their children as living independently is no longer an option. Alzheimers looms ahead for many, worse than the grim reaper with a fate truly worse than death.

,Being an aging adult actually means I can manage my own time. I can choose to worry or not about things I cannot change. I have fewer, but better, friends, and I can be kind and caring to them on a more frequent basis. I have found physical activities that I am able to enjoy, including walking and my stationary bike. The 15 minute standing workout for seniors has become part of my daily routine, strengthening my legs and securing better balance. I continue to challenge myself to learn new activities, weaving, chess, and 1000 piece puzzles. I bought my first new computer in 6 years and was actually able to migrate my apps to the Cloud and download some frequently used apps to the new computer. I bought a watch that gives me my heart beat, tells me if I have AFib, measures my blood oxygen, while it reminds me to stand up frequently and wash my hands for 20 seconds.

I am still waiting to reinvent myself and create the awe inspiring energy of youth but I presume a gentle nudge is the positive energy I have to keep going.

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