Maintaining a Long-Lasting Relationship

Ever wonder how, even as we are in later stages of a relationship, love and life can remain filled with a living and vital love? As I have aged I wonder if this will be my last relationship and if so, how can I make it and me feel better. Long term relationships can become filled with petty annoyances as well as accumulating grudges. Marriage can seem like a legal trap with no reasonable solution in the later stages of life. Some of the happiest older ladies I know are widows. If healthy, many travel extensively, rekindle previous friendships, and determine how they spend their personal time. The men who have lost their wives are usually re-married quickly. Enough said.

However, those of us struggling to rekindle the feelings of warmth and love in a long-term relationship need some new ideas. While this article highlights some simple strategies, others require some self-discipline and reaching out to your partner with new ideas and simple goals. I needed this at this time in my life.

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