St. Augustine and the Lighthouse

Sometimes when traveling, a little treasure presents itself. Standing like a mighty beacon, the St. Augustine Lighthouse was there as we entered the Anastasia State Park in. St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine is considered the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement within the borders of the United States. Saint Augustine was founded on September 8, 1565. The only clear radio station in the area provides looped details of the quaint old town area and the history of the community.

2016-01-15 09.05.51
The St. Augustine Light Station is an active lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida. The current lighthouse stands at the north end of Anastasia Island. It was built in 1874; it is the most recent of a number of towers built in the area. It was the site of the first lighthouse established in Florida by the new, territorial, American Government in 1824.
The first thing you notice as you part outside the Museum is the tour called “Dark of the Moon Ghost Tours.” Supposedly this is the location of numerous paranormal activity reports and there are ghost stories and supernatural legends as part of the charm.
The climb up the lighthouse on a rainy day was a bit of an adventure. It is over two steps, with landings, but the steps are metal and it is very slippery inside. The views are spectacular of the inter-coastal waterway to the left and there were lots of sailboats and powerboats.

The wind on top was fierce and “holding on to your hat” was more than just a phrase!

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