Keeping Busy During the Pandemic

At certain points during this pandemic, I have wandered around, slightly unnerved by limitations of movement, no favorite restaurant dinners, few safe shopping opportunities, and feel vague and without direction. Oh, I can fill my time, but I have to build my daily schedule as a retiree. I do have a daily list of ToDos, but on some days, I don’t engage in the routine and also have hours facing me that are important to fill each day.

Traveling has filled much of my time since retirement, and with so many trips canceled, I have to fill my time creatively. What do I do? I take a walk, call a friend, take an online course, check my Ancestry, read my newspapers, watch the news, and contact my Sheep in my Shepherd group. That is a group that is part of a church community that cannot attend in-person worship. I check my calendar and send birthday cards.

When I have exhausted all of the above, I read or watch TV to while away some of the time.

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  1 comment for “Keeping Busy During the Pandemic

  1. January 30, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    May I add a couple things to your list? Writing and music come to mind. And a nap now and then!?

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