False Flag???

Usually, politics is something I can take or leave. Recently a recurring theme in reporting has been the phrase “False Flag.” This phrase meant nothing to me and factually means nothing.

Looking it up does not provide contextual guidance. Wikipedia describes a false flag as an act committed to disguise the actual responsibility and blame another party. Labeling an event with “false flag” conjures conspiracy theories and political overtones of party affiliation.

The use by the media, commentators, or conspiracists raises negative consequences for the target. As many of the current events labeled as “false flag” events played out in real-time, with massive social and news media coverage. Impugning the integrity of the victims seems to be at the core of this term’s purpose. There are also implications that the event was false itself, engineered to deceive.

Using this term is frightening as it is also becoming impeded in the “cancel culture” discussions, another new turn of phrase. Step out of line and poof, you are canceled – whatever that means.

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