Working Out: Exercise, before the pandemic and now!

Every morning I used to try to walk to the ocean and back. If we were camping, I walked the dog around the campground. If we were visiting children, a brisk walk around the block was the workout for the day. I threw in chair situps and light weights for the arms.

Now, I have to find workout sessions for older folks, and the internet and newspapers are full of them. Why not walk? Well, I do, but the mask issue presents challenges. I felt like it was an off and on ritual as I passed folks. If I sped up my walk, I felt hampered by the breathing issue through the mask. Sometimes, just sitting on the beach was nice but no cardio value.

Now, I do 30-second intervals of cardio, followed by 5 second rests. I do the 15-minute routines, including lots of abdominal and leg exercises. I doubled my weight routine (frequency, not the weights).

Aside from eating and drinking more—I guess I feel healthier, maybe 🙂 🙂 🙂

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