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Late Spring at the Beach

While the spectacular view appears to be the same, every evening is unique.  Today the baby mallards were swimming up the marsh gut and the marsh fox was frolicking across the marsh searching for breakfast this morning.  Every moment of your retirement is well spent with beauty and relaxation.

Cooking with an Air Fryer

Cooking is a great retirement hobby.  Cooking healthy is a life style choice.  One of the challenges is cooking fried food and not impacting your health.  We have several foods of choice that are fried, including:  potato chips, tortilla chips, sweet potato fries, french fried potatoes.  As an alternative to the mess of frying and…

Community Events

When I was working I would receive notices from historical societies, environmental groups, libraries….alerting me to speakers on a wide range of potentially interesting subjects.  I could never find any time to allocate to any of these, even those that might be of personal interest.  One of the ways I found I can spend some…

Volunteering in the Community

While Retirement presents many opportunities, none is more varied or demanding on your “free” time perhaps than community service.  It can take the form of volunteering in soup kitchens, local animal shelters, schools, or whatever else that requires well-intentioned people and an inexpensive pair of hands (usually many of them).  Another option, especially for retirees…