What Are Boiled Peanuts?

As we continue on our way south from Maryland, passing through Virginia, and then into North Carolina, signs boasting of the availability of boiled peanuts appear.  Hmmm?  What are these?

Boiled peanuts are a traditional southern snack.  These are apparently available in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. In checking the recipes online, there appear to be many styles of preparation from boiling in a pot on the stove to cooking over a firewood fire outside.  Basically, green peanuts are boiled with lots of salt in lots of water, in their shells, for hours.

In stopping for gas and a snack, I went into a type of gas and go and there they were in two slow cookers, mine for the taking!  I lifted the lid, peeked into inky dark water, and a really strange wet shell smell filled my nostrils.  I put the lid back on and made my way out.

Not a snack item for me!


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